Konsole-Applying Colour Schemes for SSH

When I access different servers, I badly wanted to differentiate to which server I log in to. Because, I don’t want to delete the folders that I intend to on a staging server, but actually do that on production.

1.  So, initially, I created two images like this in different colours, with “Staging”, “Production” texts on it.

  1. In Konsole, I created separate colour schemes in my profile.

3.  In my ~/.bash_aliases, I added the following.

alias resetcolors=”konsoleprofile colors=DarkPastels”
alias sshst=”konsoleprofile colors=Staging; ssh staging; resetcolors;”
alias sshp=”konsoleprofile colors=Prod; ssh production; resetcolors;”

4.  source ~/.basrc

5.  Now, I know where I am logging to.. 🙂

Peek 2017-10-26 17-43